Our Vision

The current leadership of ThaiBBY intends to build upon its successful track record by seeking more opportunities to connect local stakeholders in the children’s book industry with international exposure, resources, and assistance.  As a first step, ThaiBBY is currently partnering with the Singapore Book Council and the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) to host a series of virtual and in-person book fairs in Thailand, showcasing Thai and Singaporean creators.

ThaiBBY Attendance at International Congresses

ThaiBBY attended 30th IBBY World Congress Macau, China, 20-24 September 2006

ThaiBBY attended 33rd IBBY World Congress London, UK, 23-26 August 2012

ThaiBBY attended 1st Asia Oceania Regional IBBY Congress Bali, Indonesia, 23-26 May 2013

ThaiBBY attended 2nd Asia Oceania Regional IBBY Congress Putrajaya, Malaysia, 12-15 May 2015

ThaiBBY attended 35th IBBY World Congress Auckland, NZ 18-21 August, 2016

ThaiBBY, together with Thailand Knowledge Park (TKpark),hosted 3rd Asia Oceania Regional IBBY Congress Bangkok, Thailand, 9-12 May 2017

ThaiBBY attended 4th Asia Oceania Regional IBBY Meeting Xi’An, China, 26-28 September 2019

ThaiBBY attended online 37th IBBY World Congress Moscow, Russia, 10-12 September 2021